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 Well, it has been a long time since I've posted a recipe!!! Hope you didn't give up on me.  Not many chances lately to try new recipes - but I'm baaack!  I'll try to post a little more often now - but you're welcome to submit your recipes too!   I'd love that, in fact!  Just send them to me at  kathilehman@prairiepts.com     I'll post them for you!  Don't forget to send a picture too!

Here's a new favorite candy recipe that's so easy - you almost don't need a recipe!

Melt 2 packages dark chocolate chips in a large microwaveable bowl.  When completely
melted and smooth - add 15 (or more) crushed Mint Filled Oreo Cookies.  Spread out on
parchment paper in a jelly roll pan.  Cool (I stick mine in the fridge for about an hour).
Once cooled, melt 1/2 package white chocolate chips in the microwave. Add a couple of drops of peppermint extract (I used my peppermint essential oil) and stir well.  Drizzle over the
dark chocolate.  Sprinkle with crushed peppermint candy.  Chill again and break into bite sized pieces.  Enjoy! 

3/9 - Potluck German Apple Cake - This is one of my go-to recipes for quick, made-from scratch cake that's perfect to take anywhere.  Quick and easy, and the cream cheese frosting makes it perfect!  I'll give Taste of Home the credit - but I've been making the same recipe for years. :)

2/29 - Chocolate Italian Love Cake - I've been on a cleansing diet for 30 days - and haven't lost a single pound so I'm saying heck with it - I want something chocolate and decadent!! lol  A friend posted this on Facebook and it looks like it's exactly what I need! Making it today - but I promise I will give most of it away. I think my blood sugar went up just looking at it - but it looks really good, doesn't it! The link above is to the original website so I can give credit to her! Enjoy! I know I will!

1/31/16 - Quinoa Enchilada Casserole -
One of my coworkers brought this to a pot-luck one day and I had to make it again!  This is not only good for you - it tastes great!  The recipe didn't call for it, but I added some sliced black olives on it when serving. Gave it a pop of color and flavor.

5/31 - Italian (or Greek) Dressing - One of the most requested recipes from our retreats when I used to do the cooking is for my homemade Italian salad dressing.  I use this in my much-requested pasta salad (recipe coming soon), on simple lettuce and tomato salads and as a marinade for steaks and chicken to cook on the grill.  You can mix up the spices and keep them on your freezer drawer - then add vinegar, olive oil and water to make fresh dressing anytime you want. 

5/15 - Rhubarb Cake - Thanks to a great customer and friend, I had lots of rhubarb for my mom's favorite rhubarb cake for Mother's Day! (Thanks, Sharon Waller!)  Mom used to make this all the time when we had our big garden, with all of us kids helping her - from the picking to the taste-testing! My favorite part of this cake is the combo of the moist cake and the crunchy topping.  Perfect with a little dab of fresh whipped cream! Wish I had some right now! Yummy!

4/3/15 - A little different this time - but it's Spring Break and I'm finding things to do with the kids. I have 5 of them (2, 4, almost 5, 5 and 8) and need something to keep them all busy.  Found this recipe on Pinterest, tried it and it was great!  No "play dough smell" - soft, stays smooth and pliable - perfect for the little ones. 

Only 2-3 ingredients so you don't even really need a recipe. 

Use 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part hair conditioner.  Mix well - then knead until smooth.  Add food coloring as desired.  

I got the big yellow canister of cornstarch at Sam's and bought the big bottle of cheap Tresseme conditioner at Dollar General.  It worked great and smelled good too!

Store covered and it will last a long time.

Yes, it was a little messy until we got it all mixed up - but it sure was fun!!!  :)

2/15/15 - Crab Rangoon DipI absolutely love Crab Rangoon, especially homemade ones - but this is even easier! Just mix up all the wonderful ingredients and dive in! It's really good with Wheat Thins, home-baked tortilla chips or fresh veggies. Great party dip!

1/31/15 - Ham n Cheese Pretzel Bites - What are you making for game day tomorrow?  I'm in Chicago with my daughter and son-in-law and brand new grandson, Xander - so I thought I'd make these little bites as a special treat for the new parents, while we watch the commercials - I mean game! They've been a hit when I've made them before.  They take a little work, but they are sooooo worth it.  (If you can find frozen soft pretzel dough, it will cut the work down considerably, but it can be hard to find.)

1/11/15 - Chocolate Covered Almond Smoothie - I have been on a plateau on my weight loss for about 2 months now, so I decided to do something drastic to try to kick-start it.  If you know me tho, I don't miss too many meals! lol  Plus I'm diabetic so I have to be careful to keep things in balance. This is one of Dr. Oz's detox smoothies - but it satisfies all of my requirements.  It has chocolate, tastes really good, fills me up - and did I mention it has CHOCOLATE!! It reminds me of a Wendy's frosty but it's way better for you. There are 2 other smoothies on this diet too - and I'm going to try them both!  One is a mixed berry and the other is pumpkin cream.  Yummy!

12/26 - Kathi's Favorite Toffee - Another holiday favorite recipe - only this year I put a new twist on (or in) it to make it suitable for the ones in our family who have nut allergies.  It was a big hit by all - so I had to make 2 more batches to give away!  I included all my variations in this delicious recipe. 

12/17 - Deluxe Sugar Cookies - We're baking Christmas cookies today for our annual Christmas Cookie exchange. My family has been doing this for 35 years - we bake hundreds of cookies, make up trays and then give them away. This year, we've cut down to 2 different types per person, but there are 8 of us - so that's still a LOT of cookies!  We used to get together at the church on a weekend and make about 300 dozen cookies in one day! This is one of my favorites - and the kids always got "volunteered" to decorate them! The past few years tho, my niece, who is a professional cake decorator has been making them look so pretty!

11/30 - Pumpkin Dump Cake - My family LOVES dump cake recipes, and we LOVE pumpkin - so this cake is just the BEST! Not a true "dump" cake because you have to stir some stuff together - but same principle. My favorite part is the crunch cake and nut topping, but we have a couple of family members with nut allergies, so I've included my nut-free, cream cheese topping recipe too.  This is the one I will take for our family Thanksgiving because I really love my son-in-law and want to keep him around for awhile! :)

11/15 - Ranch Pretzles -Getting really bad at posting recipes but I haven't forgotten you!  Here is a family and friend favorite that's really, really easy and very addicting! My sister, Marcia got us hooked on them (and a few of us may or may not have tried to steal the whole bowl to take home with us. :)  Make a lot so you can leave some at home for later!

10/17 - 3 Cream Cheese Dips - Oops! I'm slipping again!.  I blame the fact that I found out I was moving on Sept. 10th and had to be out of my house by Oct. 4th!  I didn't even have time to think about new recipes! I know you will forgive me when you taste these tho!  It's that time of year when you may have company show up and want to serve them something fast and good.  These 3 cream cheese dips fit the bill!

9/12 - Sweet Potato, Chorizo and Spinach Soup - this recipe is from Becky Ziegel via Marilyn Baggett.  In other words, Marilyn got the recipe from Becky, added her own tweaks and brought it to a pot-luck - where we all got to enjoy it!  It is delicious - and good for you!  It's a perfect fall soup!  The spicy sausage is a great compliment to the sweet potato but if spicy isn't your thing - try it with smoked sausage or even chicken.  I've even seen a vegetarian version with chickpeas instead of meat.  Good for you and good for your soul!  Thanks, Marilyn and Becky!

9/7 - Grape Salad -  This recipe is from Diane Swope and taste tested (more than once!) by me!  It's simple and absolutely delicious. It was so good that several of us who were lucky enough to taste it made plans to stop at the store on our way home for the ingredients! I'm giving you the original recipe from Diane with my variations at the end for making it a little lower fat. Diane's was better because I didn't have to make it!!!  This is a nice, cool and light dessert salad!  It was so yummy, I had to stop myself from eating the whole bowl. My little helper Maxx loved it too! Thanks, Diane!

8/29-  Stuffed Summer Squash - I've been getting some wonderful produce from neighbors, the Farmer's Market on the square here in Metamora and from Farmer Andy down on Farmdale Road.  LOVE fresh produce!!!  I've also been trying to eat a little healthier using all this bounty.  My neighbor, Tracy Baumann gave me some beautiful yellow squash from her garden and I had a batch of fresh corn and bean salsa - so I came up with this recipe (mostly so I didn't have to go out to the store!)  It was pretty darned good, if I say so myself!

8/10 - Dilly Crab Salad - I can't have possibly missed a whole month of recipes!  Well, I guess I have.  Sorry about that - between summer with the grandkids and vacation with my parents - it's been a crazy summer.  Here's a really good one from our own Marilyn Baggett to make up for it. 

7/3 -  Cauliflower (or Cauliflower and Broccoli) Salad - This is on the menu for our 4th of July cook-out tomorrow.  I love potato salad, but always feel guilty eating that much starch when I'm already having so much food (not that it stops me!) .  I slim this pretty and delicious vegie salad down and don't feel so guilty.  Fat-free mayo, turkey bacon and Stevia help to make it a healthier option and it's so flavorful that you won't miss the real stuff! 

6/13 -  Mexican Cornbread Casserole - this is a quick go-to recipe at my house, especially when the grandkids are here. It's easy to adapt to the picky ones or add stuff for the ones (like me) who like it all!  Try any of the variations or make up your own.  I'd love to hear how you served it!
Mexican Cornbread Casserole

5/30 - Creamy Chicken Marsala Pasta - Looks like I skipped a week - OOPS!  Too busy sewing to cook, I guess. lol  Anyhoo......my favorite meal at Olive Garden is their Stuffed Chicken Marsala.  I've made it for several of our retreats before, and you have all loved it too - but it takes time to make that I don't always have.  Say this on Pinterest and had to try it.  It was worth it!!!!  You'll love it too, if you liked my chicken marsala.  If wine in your food isn't your thing (or if you're like me and don't keep it in the house)...just use extra chicken broth.  The kids will love this too! 
Creamy Chicken Marsala

5/16 - Rhubarb Cake - My friend, Marilyn, gave me some wonderful rhubarb from her yard.  I haven't had fresh rhubarb for a long time - and it made me think of the wonderful rhubarb cake my mom used to make.  Mom couldn't find the recipe, but, luckily for my taste buds, she was her usual brilliant self and posted it in our family cookbook!!!  I've always loved this recipe because it's a wonderfully moist cake with a crunchy topping like a crisp.  Made it for Mother's Day and it was a big hit.  (Really good with a scoop of frozen vanilla yogurt or whipped cream!).  You can also use Greek yogurt instead of the buttermilk. 

5/9 - Stuffed Poblano Peppers - Ok, so this is a little late for Cinco de Mayo, but that's how I roll!  Besides, it's never too late for these babies.  Kroger had really nice poblano peppers on sale this week and I had a hankerin' for something spicy - so I looked up recipes for stuffed peppers.  Didn't like any of the ones I found, so I made up my own!  Served it at our Cinco de Mayo celebration with some Tequila Lime Chicken and Ole' Potatoes and it was "muy bueno!"  Here's my recipe - but feel free to change it up to suit you.  I made one without the onions and jalepenos for the picky ones and they liked it.  I think I'll try ground turkey and rice or chicken in the next ones!  Ole'!

5/2 - Dipping Oil - I love going to places that serve soft, warm bread or breadsticks with olive oil dipping sauce and Parmesan cheese.  I also love making my own to serve with my own home-baked bread and breadsticks.  Here's one of the recipes I like to use - but I change it up some - depending on my mood.  Don't be afraid to use the herbs and spices that you like best. The good thing about this recipe is that you can use what you like and as much or little of it as you like.  I like a lot of Parmesan!!! :)

4/25 - Cream Cheese Danish - Sorry for missing a week last week.  My daughter got married and I plead exhaustion!!!  The wedding was beautiful tho - and it was worth the recovery! This weeks recipe is a go-to recipe for special occasion breakfasts.  I love cheese danishes - and this one is so easy to make!  You can vary it by adding fruit fillings on top of the cream cheese too.  My favorite is rasperry preserves!!

4/12 - Chicken Tortilla Bake - Saw this on Facebook and had to try it.  I'm not a big fan of corn tortillas tho, so I used flour ones.  I didn't make this ahead of time because I worried the flour tortillas would get soggy.  I also used more cheese than it called for because....well...because my family loves cheese and because I could! lol 

4/4 -  Rustic Cheese Tart - This is a Kraft Kitchen recipe that I thought sounded really good - and it didn't disappoint us.  It's pretty and fancy enough to serve company and tastes good enough and is easy enough to eat any time! 

3/28 -  Pork & Bean Bars or Cake - Barb Burke gave me this recipe - but she was sneaky! lol  She had us all taste the cake without telling us what the secret ingredient in it was.  Just put a note on it that said "Guess what's in this cake?"  We trusted her - and besides, it was yummy and had cream cheese frosting!  How could it be bad!!  After we'd eaten most of it - she brought us the recipe - and we were surprised!  It's so good tho, we forgave her! lol  Thanks, Barb!

PS - Barb made hers in the 9x13" cake pan.  I made mine up fancy in a layer cake and they were even more surprised.  Spice cake is my daddy's very favorite and he'll never know what else is in it! :)

3/23 - Cauliflower Breadsticks - Here's a recipe that I was afraid to try at first, but my gluten-free daughter was having a craving for breadsticks and we decided to be brave.  They were actually very good.  I used garlic in a jar and a mixture of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses (and more than it called for cuz we really like cheese) - but these were pretty tasty!  Hope you enjoy them too!

3/17 - Easy No-Bake Cheesecake - I shamelessly stole this recipe from my daughter-in-law after she brought it for a family gathering.  It's really easy, really fast and really, really good!  It stands up well under toppings - so load it up!  I made 4 of these for my daughter's bridal shower and didn't have a single piece left to take home!  I made a "cheesecake bar" with chocolate and caramel sauces, toasted pecans, fresh fruit, cherry and blueberry toppings and fresh whipped cream. Let me know how you like it, if you try it!

3/9 - Hot Reuben Dip- Becky Ziegel asked me for this recipe today and it made me crave the dip!  With St. Paddy's Day coming up - it's a perfect time to make this addicting stuff.  Even if you don't like sauerkraut - you'll love this! I'll be right over as soon as it's done, Beck! :)

3/1 - Lemon Poppy Seed Cake -  this is another family favorite that doesn't last long around my house.  This is also a favorite when it's taken to pot lucks or events.  It holds up well in any form, freezes well (if it lasts that long) and can be made in a 9 x 13" cake, a bundt cake, regular or mini loaves or regular or mini cupcakes.  My grandkids beg for these when they come over! If you love lemon - you'll love these easy treats!

2/23 -  Chicken Spinach Pasta Bake - Love this casserole - it's my kind of comfort food - and I can get my grown-up kids and grandkids to eat spinach this way!  It's also a great casserole to take to pot-lucks, new mothers or others in need because it freezes and reheats beautifully. 

2/16 -Evil Dip - I'm sure that this dip had another name at one time, something like Beef and Cheese Dip - but we just call it "Evil Dip" because it's soooo good that you can't stay away from it.  As a good friend says "The only thing that stops you from eating this is the bottom of the bowl!"  If you want to get fancy - you can let this chill, form it into a ball and roll it in chopped nuts or crushed cheese cracker crumbs.  Or you can heat it in a small crockpot and serve it warm.  Or you can get those little pastry puff cups, fill them with Evil Dip and pop them in the oven until they're all melty and evil.  So good!!!

2/9 -  Baked Ziti - Customer, friend and neighbor, Tracy Baumann shared this recipe with us on FaceBook - and it was really, really good!  So, of course, I have to share it with the rest of you too!  I gave you the original recipe with the changes I made in parenthesis.  Those changes were made, not because I thought they needed to be made - but because I was lazy and didn't want to leave the house for the store - so I used what I had.  Thanks for the recipe, Tracy!  It's a keeper!

- This recipe was given to me by a dear college friend, Pryscilla Stam many, many years ago.  I used to make this often, but somehow lost the recipe.  She recently posted it on FaceBook, so I'm making sure I don't lose it again!  Can't wait to make it - it's really, really good!

-  Got this recipe from Laurie Schierer and I can't wait to try it!  As soon as I can move without coughing - it's the kind of comfort food I'm looking forward to!  Thanks, Laurie - can't wait!

-  This recipe came out of my craving for those wraps that you make with the Buddig beef, cream cheese and dill pickles and my laziness! :)  I love those things and wanted to take them to a pot-luck I was attending, but didn't want to wrap them all and cut them into little pieces.  I'm more of an "instant gratification" kinda gal.   So.....I decided to chop up everything and mix it all together.  I used to make them with Lipton Onion Soup mixed into the cream cheese, then graduated to fat-free garden vegetable cream cheese.  Of course, I didn't have either of those - but I had French Onion chip dip - so I used that.  It was really, really good!  So good that I made a double recipe, took it to the pot luck, and it was gone in about 30 minutes!  Be prepared to be addicted!!

1/12 - Dump Cake
- Had a request for this recipe this week, so I thought I'd post it here instead of just emailing to one person!  This is the easiest recipe - and the one I used to serve at the retreats I cooked for.  There are a lot of flavors you can experiment with too - I've included a few of them.  Enjoy warm with a scoop of ice cream!  Perfect!

- 1st recipe of 2014  - and the coldest weather in 20 years - we need comfort food !!!!  This was one of the kids' favorites when I used to run a day care center, and it's still a big hit whenever I serve it.  Plus - it's even better heated up the next day!  Add some rolls to sop up the cheesy gravy and a fruity dessert and you've got all your food groups! It cooks up quickly on top of the stove and then I usually transfer it to the crockpot on "low" or "serve" to keep warm. 

12/29 -  Cup of Cheer Champagne Punch

- My sister made this punch for Christmas Eve and it was sooooo good that I'm making it for New Year's Eve.  Just make sure you leave it someplace where the little ones can't get into it.  It's so pretty that they may want some too so you may want to make a non-alcoholic version with sparkling apple juice. 


By the way - this recipe is shamelessly stolen from the Hungry Girl website.  Here's a link to more great recipes for them.    
Hungry Girl

- One more cookie from our annual Cookie Bake and then I'll get back to "normal" recipes. :)  These are one of my favorites - and of course - they're easy too!  The kids don't even know there's coconut in them - so they love them!

12/15 - Chocolate Reindeer Cookies - Almost forgot to change the recipe this week.  OOPS! Too busy baking cookies for our family's annual Cookie Day to write it down I guess! lol   We've been doing this for over 30 years - and until we got "old" we baked, packaged and exchanged cookies all in one day.  Now, we bake them at home in the days before and take them to one of our houses to exchange.  These were a new one for me this year - but they're easy and looked really pretty on the trays!

I used red M&Ms for the noses and regular chocolate chips for the eyes. Didn't have any gumdrops. :)

- This is a great Christmas or any holiday cookie that my family loves all year round.  These cookies are soft and chewy, don't have to be rolled out and cut and taste really yummy.  You can frost them or just sprinkle them with colored sugar or sprinkles.  Easy and yummy! 

- This casserole is comfort food with a little kick and a great way to use left-over chicken or turkey.  You can adjust the seasonings and hot sauce to your family's taste - I don't put that much hot sauce in when the grandkids are going to be eating it - but I like the kick!  I usually use frozen hash brown cubes to speed it up a little and have made versions with low-fat cheese and turkey bacon too (just to make myself feel better - lol) . Anyway you fix it - it's good!

- I was never a big fan of cranberries at our Thanksgiving celebrations - until my sister-in-law brought this to one of them years ago.  It has been one of the most requested dishes ever since.  Since she gave me the recipe, she refuses to make it now - so I got to put my own spin on it.  I slimmed it down a little, experiment with the flavors some - and added the toasted pecans.  I now LOVE cranberries!   Happy Thanksgiving!!!

-  With the holidays coming up, we'll probably all be looking forward to entertaining family and friends.  This is one of my go-to recipes for a quick, but filling appetizer or even for a breakfast my family loves.  I usually add some fresh or canned mushrooms for the breakfast version.

11/10 -
Jalapeno Popper Dip - I love Jalapeno Poppers but I try to limit my fried food intake.  Oh - not because I'm trying to be healthy (altho I do try), but because I'm too lazy to drag out the fryer. This is a quick, easy dip mix that satisfies that jalapeno and cheese craving.  Everyone who has tasted my version, loves it!  Hope you do too!

-  My sister made these one day when I was helping her fix meals to send out to friends.  It was all I could do to just eat one so she'd have enough for her meals!  These are so moist and delicious, even without the frosting!  There is also a version out there with just the pumpkin and a spice cake mix - but what fun is that? You can make full-sized muffins out of this recipe too - it just won't make as many.  Betcha can't eat just one!!

- This is my version of a soup I tasted at a restaurant, so long ago that I don't even remember where it was (lol).  It's been my family's favorite ever since.  I make a big stock-pot of this for every Christmas cookie bake day and we eat it all day!  I make it often for my kids when they visit too - and usually don't have any left-overs.  I also served it at our winter retreats for several years.  Got a request to post it again (since it's been awhile) - so here it is.  If you aren't cooking for a crowd, I'd recommend making the whole batch anyway and freezing it in smaller batches.  You can heat it up in the microwave in no time flat for a fast dinner.

10/13 - Chicken Bombs - I shamelessly stole this one off of Kim Erlandson's Facebook page.  I will have to admit that I haven't tried it yet, but it Kim says it's good, it must be good, right?  :)  I'm gonna try it soon. It looks like "the bomb"!  (That's a good thing for those of you who don't know.)  Thanks, Kim!

- Been out to Tanner's yet?  I love going out there and grabbing some warm and yummy  apple fritter bites and pumpkin cake donuts.  It's a long way out there tho, and it's not always open when my grandbabies are asking for these.  I had to come up with my own version.  Yummy!


-  Fall is here....and so is my desire for something warm and yummy from my crockpot (ok, so I'm cold and lazy!).  This is an old favorite, but it's good everytime and every way I make it.  Hope you do too!

9/15  - Crockpot Quiche - Helped my sister cook breakfast for a whole bunch of people today and tried a new recipe which turned out delicious.  Got this recipe from the Mom On A Mission website.  She has a wonderful freezer cooking and "feeding the masses" ministry, and gives very great advice on how to cook, freeze or store healthy foods so you can whip up a meal in minutes.  I use a lot of her recipes.  Here's her website if you'd like to look for yourself:   momonamission.me/

Clicking on the recipe name will take you to it also. 
We made one spinach, bacon, mushroom, carmelized onions, and Swiss cheese
and the second one without the mushrooms and onions, with tomatoes and Co-Jack cheese.  Both of them were great! Use your favorite veggies, meats and cheese and you can't mess this one up!!!

- I forgot about this until my daughter asked for it today. I've done many versions of this over the years - adding raisins, craisins, broccoli and shredded carrots, cucumber - using chicken or beef ramen noodle seasonings, or even shrimp seasoning with grilled shrimp. It's good - any way I've had it! 

- Got some wonderful peaches and mangoes this week, and a very persistent request for mango/peach salsa - so I once again visited my favorite Farmer Andy and the Farmer's Market for the rest of the ingredients. I made a triple batch and canned half of it.  The rest was gone in a flash! Here's my favorite recipe:

8/26 - Cucumber, Tomato and Onion Salad - Cucumbers were plentiful this week and I had 75 lbs of tomatoes in my kitchen, so when my sister called and invited me to dinner - this is what I thought of to take with me.  This lasts for several weeks in the frig and you can keep adding more vegetables when you eat them up.  It's a great recipe if you're watching calories too, especially if you use Splenda or other sweetener.

8/19 - Banana Pops -  Here's a great, healthy treat for the heat spell we're supposed to have for this first week back at school for many of our kids! Mix it up with your favorite spread in the middle and chocolate, white chocolate or butterscotch chips. They're great any way you fix them!  You can also use the melted candy coating and leave out the oil. 

- Barb Burke gave me this recipe last year, and I have made it quite a few time because we love it!  The Metamora Farmer's Market keeps me in zucchini all summer - so there will be more of this in my future!!

- I love BLTs in the summer with fresh tomatoes from the garden, and I love any kind of cheese - so when I saw this BLT dip - I knew it had to be good!  It was!  I served it with triangles of toasted Texas Toast style bread and pita crisps and it was a big hit.  I didn't bother to seed the tomatoes either, and used chopped cherry tomatoes the next time.  Enjoy!

-  We have a wonderful Farmer's Market in Metamora every Saturday morning from June til October and I love visiting it!  This week's find was some wonderful big zucchini for 50 cents each!!!!  What a good excuse to make my family's favorite cake! This is the one that my daughter-in-law requests for her birthday, which just happens to be tomorrow.  Got one cooling for her right now - and I'll make the next batch into muffins to throw in the freezer for the next time she comes to visit! 

7/21 - Whipped Carrot Salad -  Barb Burke brought this to a get-together recently and it was absolutely wonderful.  Very light, tasty - and a great way to hide veggies in a salad so the kids (or picky adults) will never know they're eating carrots!  Of course, I just had to ask her for the recipe and she graciously gave it to me - so now I can pass it on to you!   Thanks, Barb!

*picture compliments of Taste of Home*

-  One of my favorite things to eat is Cracker Barrel's hash brown casserole!  I don't go out to eat much tho - so I had to create my own recipe.  This one is so easy and good - and it tastes so much like my favorite one. The only difference is that I have to make it myself but I can have leftovers!  Now, if I could just perfect their Cajun grilled catfish filets to go with it......

- I found it!  I knew Diana's recipe for the chopped green salad was around here somewhere! I had put it in safe place alright - practically under my nose!  : P    So....here it is - and believe me - it's very good. Makes a perfect meal for a hot night - with or without the pasta.  Looks pretty too! Thanks, Diana! 

- My plan was to post another recipe from Diana Snyder for a green salad, BUT - I can't seem to find it to post.  She made the fatal mistake of handing it to me so I put it in a safe place - so safe I can't find it. lol  Until I do- here's a new family favorite, but they love it everytime I make it!  This is all the crunch of Chicken Parm without all the mess to make and clean-up!

6/23 - 

Apple or Peach Crisp - I recently got a chance to taste this absolutely wonderful peach crisp and HAD to have the recipe, and do did everyone else who tasted it.  Jackie O'Laughlin graciously gave it to me to post for all of us.  I'm telling you - this is to die for!!!  It was great all by itself, but I imagine I will have to try it warm with a little scoop of ice cream next time.  Thanks, Jackie!

6/16 - Strawberry Pretzel Salad

- I've had this several times, but never had a recipe for it.  Besides, sometimes it's easier if somebody else makes it. lol Debi's made it before and says it's her kids' favorite.  Rosemary Whittenburg made it a few weeks ago - and I realized I really love it and need to find a recipe.  I found one on Pinterest and tried it this weekend.  The original version had a lot more calories, but we are always on diets in our family and several of us are diabetic, so I slimmed it up a little.  It was a very big hit and no one missed the calories or fat!  Thanks for reminding me how much I love this, Rosemary!!!

PS - One thing I forgot to put in the recipe is that I used my own frozen, sliced berries without any sugar added.  You can use any other fruits and jello too. Think I might try raspberries or peaches next!

6/9 - Cupcake Puppy Chow- This recipe is from Diana Snyder and is it ever yummy!  Be careful tho, it's addicting!  Thanks, Diana!

6/2 - Crockpot Salsa Chicken -  

This recipe is so easy and so delicious, you'll find yourself making it again and again.  It makes the whole house smell really yummy when it's cooking too!



5/26 - Glazed Drummies


5/19 - Strawberry & Cream Cake - 

Strawberry Cake

5/12 - Cheesy Sausage & Potato Casserole


5/4 -  Crab-filled Crescent Wontons


4/27 - 2 Ingredient Lemon Bars

4/20 - Individual Chicken Pot Pies